Stop TerroRussia!

Statistically the majority of the Islamic State militants are citizens of Russian Federation and ex-Soviet republics of Central Asia where FSB (Russia’s secret service) operates freely and recruits actively.

ISIS is led by Saddam’s army officers who were trained by Russian so-called “military advisors” back in the 1960-70s. During that time Iraq was the only non-communist state where all Soviet intelligence operations were stopped since all communication with Iraqi KGB agents became official contacts. This was possible because of the tight cooperation between Soviet and Iraqi intelligence. Supply of Russian weapons to Iraqi regime was up to 95% in that times.

Russian citizens were among those who performed terrorist attacks in Brussels and Boston, as well as recent attacks in Paris.

The whole Islamic terrorism, in fact, was initially created and for decades supported by KGB aiming the struggle against so-called “Western imperialism”. Anti-Western rhetoric of radical islamists matches the same rhetoric of the communist Soviet Union as well as Putin’s Russia. Most of the anti-Western dictators on this planet were Moscow’s friends and partners and closely cooperated with it. Most of the World terrorists are using Russian weapons, since they where initially trained and supplied with it (in most cases — for free) by Soviet Russia.

Connections of the criminal Russian Mafia, that operates in the West, with Russian secret service is well documented and were made public a number of times.

Russian state is financially supporting and sponsoring every marginal and extremist (both far right and far left) political party and group in the West. Moscow also spends billions for its’ direct and indirect propaganda abroad, both traditional media and internet, which it floods with its’ infamous “troll army”, aggressively promoting “Russian versions of the truth”.

Russian Federation is currently conducts a terrorist (so-called “hybrid”) war against Ukraine with the hands of so-called “volunteers”, “vacationers” and other “lost” Russian paratroopers who operate under the label of “DPR/LPR”, and fighting with Russian made weaponry, including tanks, heavy artillery, multiple rocket launchers, sophisticated anti-aircraft and electronic warfare systems etc. Аs well as they enjoy constant supply of costly ammunition coming directly over the border from Russia.

Those Russia led terrorists with the help of Russian military equipment and personnel were directly involved in downing of MH17 passenger flight over pro-Russian militants held territory back in July 2014, when almost 300 passengers and crew members were killed (citizens of Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Philippines, New Zealand and Canada).

Also Russia directly manages those terrorist groups who have captured and currently holding some parts of the territories of former Soviet republics of Moldova and Georgia, causing total destruction and poverty over those lands.

Moreover, in recent weeks Russia flooded European Union with its’ aggressive “soccer fans”. Most of them, as stated by themselves, are “wearing uniform in their day job” i.e. are active servants of Russian army and/or other security forces. Also leaders of all Russian “ultras” groups are fully controlled by FSB of Russia. Those reckless hooligans performed a series of unmotivated bloody fights on the streets and stadiums of Europe during the ongoing Euro 2016 Championship leaving numerous victims among peaceful Western Europe’s soccer fans, including women and children, and even ordinary pedestrians, with death fatalities.

The conclusion drawn from these and other facts could be the following: Russia is a key mastermind of the World terrorism, its’ main inspirer, sponsor, organizer and leader committed to destroy the West, and the current international order, ready and prepared to use every mean of terror to achieve this goal.

3 липня 2016
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